Air Conditioning Units: Fans from Under £10

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Well its here! The great British Summer, temperatures are well into the mind 20’s and you cant go anywhere without seeing salmon pink bits, sunglasses and grown men in shorts. It could be time to sort out some proper air con for the spaces you use while its hot like your home and office, Air Conditioning Units has solutions for all budgets from desk fans to larger fans and full air con units for larger rooms.

From under £10 you can get a cooling solution including a clip on fan, smaller desk fan or handy pedestal fan. You dont have to break the bank at all!

Compare great value fans and air conditioning units at Air Conditioning Units there are budget fans from just a few pounds and amazing value on larger units!

Air Conditioning Units has 5 different price categories from under £25 to over £200, full of great offers on cooling equipment from the top brands.