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There are loads of FREE dating sites out there, but which are the best and which are suited to you? UK Free Dating giving you all these answers and more for 20 of the UK’s leading dating sites including, Dating Direct and iSingles!!! Not just that you can compare what they offer, any extras you can upgrade to and who the site is intended for (ie age brackets, religious matching, gay friendly) or what type of relationship you wanted from the site ie romance, marriage, chat or a more physical relationship.

It pays to know what you are getting into and only choosing the most suitable website for your personal details, this will be a big step for many people and you want to be with a suitable and trusted organisation with a large membership and a good track record in getting members together.

Every listing has been updated last week so there is much more detail on each one to help you find the best site. There are loads of specific site to cater for your interests, wine tasting, speed dating for busy city dwellers, the arts and much more!!!

As you might expect dating is more than just a cheesy chat up line and few stored phone numbers, dating has moved into the 21st century in a big way with video dating, chatting flirting and much more. All the sites featured offer different stuff and you will want to find the best site for you!

Try online dating for free with Free UK Dating!!