Free UK Offers: Save money when you shop online

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Free UK Offers was one of the first UK Internet Sites websites and actually goes back more than 10 years to the early days of the the interweb when PCs were the size of small cards and you had to re-mortgage your house to pay for the extra electric bills arising from those huge screens and tiny memory. The internet was about as reliable as the England Football team, and as quick as a Sinclair C5!

These days even your Granny can do her shopping online without too much heartburn and there are some great benefits such as huge savings, exclusive offers, competitions and the sheer ease of pressing a few buttons and getting it all done!

Free UK Offers is basically a site which introduces you to the best offers out there. Updated daily it has hundreds of offers from all sorts of stores, services and companies offering something worthwhile!

Members can get exclusive benefits such as recommended offers, easy search and new offers! Its free to join up and you can save even more with our partner sites!

Find the best deals at Free UK Offers! Below are a few of the best deals:

Drinkstuff – £40 free Naked Wines Vouchers with every order

Toys R Us – Get up to 50% cashback on all your purchases

Prezzy Box – Get a £5 voucher free

Brand Alley – £25 Times Wine Club vouchers free