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Free UK Stuff was one of the first websites from UK Internet Sites and was started in 1998 to bring together all the good stuff we found online! Free samples, introductory offers, voucher codes, free gifts, deals and competitions all in one place for free!

All you need to do to get access to thousands of great listings is sign up, its quick (just confirm your email and a few details) and entirely free! The site is updated by the dedicated team daily and we even contact our members weekly by email with new and popular listings! Join over 150,000 members who enjoy the benefits of free membership!

Some ever popular listings are for free beauty samples and free services plus introductory deals-these float your boat then you will be right at home!!

Recent listings include: Zopa, Nelsons Facial Wash Sample, Who Remembers Me, Absolute Radio Free Book Download, Secret Sales and TV Catchup!!

Join up with Free UK Stuff and get access to thousands of brilliant listings!