Happy Christmas from the team

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Happy Christmas to everyone who uses UK Internet Sites websites or services! It has been another busy year for the team here at UK Internet Sites Towers what with updating established sites, making changes adding new sites and features plus dealing with customers and the media.

There have been loads of changes made this year in the way we have approached our sites and we will be making pretty fundamental changes for the better early next year. We will be progressing to a new system of updating our sites which will mean they can all get a lot more attention! The only new site was UK Bingo Expert during 2008, but we hope to add dozens of new new websites next year while still retaining all previous sites.

The hit sites of the year have been UK Competitions and Free UK Stuff which have really progressed and been incrediblly popular with members and advertisers alike. New site UK Bingo Expert has taken off with a storm of interest, while UK Lingerie Store and UK Beauty Stores have grown steadily.

Happy Christmas for everyone out there!