House Price Spy: Save Money On Property Services

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House prices might not be rising any time soon but you still want to save as much money as you can as a property owner.

House Price Spy offers you all kinds of ways to save: compare prices for all kinds of services like home insurance, broadband, utilities and even car insurance. Theres no point in throwing away your money with a recession coming on and you could make all sorts of savings, which could add up to hundreds a year!

Compare on insurance and save up to £200 a year, find the best deal on your gas and electric bills and save over £100 plus you can find the best broadband service and get a better deal with better features, speeds and service!

Remember that House Price Spy is free to join and use, there is loads of property and local information like finding local property related services like estate agents and local entertainment!

Find how much your neighbours paid for their property or do a bit of under the radar research for moving with this free service.

If you own a property or are entering the market any time soon House Price Spy is a great way to save.