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Remember that we are on Twitter and you can keep in touch with everything that happens at UK Internet Sites here, its a free and simple way to chat, communicate or just keep up to date with any people, companies or publications you are interested in for free. Its 100% free to sign up for your won account under a name you choose plus its free to sign up for as many Twitterers as you want. You can control every aspect of the messages you send and receive.

If you just want to keep up to date and never Twit you can, if you want to use it as a instant messaging service you can, plus you can use it to let the world know your views and day to day details! Use it as you want. In terms of UK Internet Sites you can find out about updates, new sites, changes and anything else which could change on our sites.

Join this free service now and make the most of the vast membership, its all free!

You can see our account here and keep updated