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If you have read this blog and want more detailed info about some of the sites featured then this is just a short blog to let you know about more Blogs from UK Internet Sites.

UK Lingerie Shops blog – The best stores and offers, with news and opinions from the net and beyond.

UK Gadget Shops Blog – Offers, new shops, news, trivia and anything gadget related or just fun.

UK Competitions Blog – Get updated on what is happening on UK Competitions, with new comps and winners.

House Price Spy Blog – Property news, views and updates.

Free UK Stuff Blog – Find the best freebies available online

Free UK Offers Blog – New offers and new featured stores

There will be more Blogs from UK Internet Sites in the future with blogs planned for the Robots site and football site.

So if you are interested in finding out about more Blogs from UK Internet Sites then check them out!!!