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Online Bingo is THE gambling craze of the 21st century with over 3 million people regularly playing in the UK and the granny image being a thing of the past. There is no other game where you can play for grand jackpots from £10,000 all the way up to £1 million from a tiny stake of just a few pence! Millions in prize money are won every week in the UK in the funest game around with fun, chat, free prize draws and giant jackpots.

Why am I blogging on this today? Apart from needing something to talk about, UK Internet Sites next website will be a online bingo comparision directory. Find out which sites have the best introductory offer, which ones have the biggest jackpots and general stuff. If that was not enough you will get info background and history on the game of bingo it’self.

Bingo is the easy,fun, safe way to bet online with tiny stakes yet huge jackpots and a real sense of community!

We will have more on the new site as we get it, hopefully it will be live in the next week or so. We will let you know the details as we get them…