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UK Internet Sites Ltd run dozens of different sites in various niches like web services, fashion, entertainment, property and of course technology. Below is a run down of the ones that feature electrics, toys and general technology:

UK Gadget Shops Lists all the best gadget stores with store reviews and price comparision on the most popular products. Gadgets, toys, household helpers, computer equipment, party fun and much more.

Air Conditioning Units Fans from under £10 to over £100, air con systems, cooling and dehumidifiers. For all budgets and for all sizes of space to cool.

UK Camera Stores Digital cameras and regular film cameras, processing services, lenses, printer supplies plus tripods and prosumer goodies. Reviews of stores, lists of hot products plus tips and tutorials on all aspects of taking photos and owning a camera.

Free UK Offers Computers, gadgets, audio visuals and mobile phones are just some of this sections money saving site, see what offers there are listed there now!

UK Robot Shops Toys, building kids, handy robotic helpers this site listings them all. Perfect for fans of films, cartoons and weird technology!

UK Department Store Household electrics, gadgets, mobile phones and accessories plus kids toys and much more from this massive all round website.