Site updates and improvements

Two of our top sites will be getting a complete facelift and adding new features such as new sections. The sites that will be updated will be UK Gadget Shops and UK Lingerie Shops. We will have a redesign so the sites will have a completely different look and new sections plus new features to take them to the next level.

UK Lingerie Shops will have a new Brands Section and more offers and sales to get you the best value on lingerie, nightwear, hosiery and swimwear.

UK Gadget Shops will have a different look while retaining the basic framework of the site. More products and more deals on the best gadgets and boys toys.

First off will the UK Lingerie Shops and then onto UK Gadget Shops, hopefully these will be fully completed during the summer of 2008!

More on these developments and any others as we get them and as they happen!!!!