Sites Updated: February 2009

We have just updated all the UK Internet Sites websites with new stores, updates, new products, added information and even new features. We do this periodically to ensure that we offer the maximum to users of the site whether casual users or members.

Below is a list of sites updated and what we have done in more detail:

UK Lingerie Shops – Valentines section added and new stores added and the deals/competitions section updated.

Air Conditioning Units – Stores updates, air con offers updated and general update.

UK Camera Stores – Recommended deals and price based shopping carts are updates, new stores added to the links on the left hand side.

UK Free Dating – New dating sites added and updates to existing listings.

UK Flower Shops – Valentines day section added, new products and new stores.

UK Gadget Shops – New stores added, products section is updated and new products added.

UK Department Store – We have added a dozen new stores across the sections including: Aspire Menswear in Clothes, Hawkins in Electricals, Sweatband and Halfords in Sports amongst others!