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Just a quick reminder that our dedicated digital cameras store UK Camera Stores is still going stronger than ever and has just had a complete update with new stores, deals, tips and we have even hunted down a few lowest on web prices for accessories and lenses!!!

There are can few households in the UK without the need for a camera to record the days of your life from births to birthdays, holidays to parties and pretty much everything else-but which one to buy? The answer to this lies with you, your ability, knowledge and interest. UK Camera Stores has price comparison on dozens of cameras from under £100 to over £600 for professional models. You dont want to be saddled with a professional model which is hard to use or get parts for, likewise you done want to get one which does not do all you need. The website has tips and tutorials on getting the most from your camera and shoosing the best one for you from your first point and click model to something more advanced!

UK Camera Stores has just been updated from tip to toe, with new deals on cameras, lenses, tripods, printing supplies and much more!!

Check out the updates on UK Camera Stores now!!