UK Competitions: Advertising Power

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One of our key websites is UK Competitions. Competitions, free bets, free prize draws and games brought togther in one place, UK Competitions lets its members join and track their favourites. The winners board has some spectacular scoops including cash, holidays, electrics, gadgets and even cars!

The site has over 140,000 members who choose to receive the weekly newsletter with deals, new listings and the most popular listings plus other offers our members should now about!

UK Competitions gets thousands of unique users every day and hundreds of thousands of hits every month.

Your company can get access to all this time proven advertising power and ten years of experience to reach out to a huge new customer base using UK Competitions!

We offer various ways to advertise including newsletter sponsorship, banner ads and email marketing! Contact us should you wish to boost your profile in this growing sector!

If you get in touch we can email you prices, site statistics and answer your queries. UK Competitions advertising is flexible and online marketing is the way of the future so dont pay for costly offline ads when you can reach a targeted audience for less!