UK Robot Shops: Compare Prices On These Amazing Toys

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UK Robot Shops is a very niche website it only features robots and robotic technnology but theres something there for everyone! Whether you love toys, construction kits, games, mad technology gone wrong or just crazy stuff there is something there for everyone!

It has a fun run down of all the major films, cartoons, books that have featured robots with everything you would need to know about them! Theres been lots from Bobby the Robot in Forbidden Planet to C-3PO and R2-D2 in Star Wars. Which are your favourite?

UK Robot Shops lets you compare prices on the leading robot toys like Robosapien, Gupi, voice changer helmets, Tamagotchi and Transformers. You get a review of each toy and the best prices from top stores for each one which lets you get it for less.

Loads of free robot and space age fun at UK Robot Shops plus price comparison and ideas for techie gifts!

These toys vary from kids toys to advanced building sets and science sets to virtual friends, remote control toys and film/TV tie-ins. So something for everyone here!

UK Robot Shops is an ever expanding list of the most famous robots plus all the best toys on the market.