UK Robot Shops: Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

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You cant have missed the new Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen movie which is presently the hot summer blockbuster movie! This is set to be the hit movie of the summer, there is always one film each year that everyone will want to go and see! With robot fever sweeping the country you will want to get more of these cool mechanical humanoids, now you can with our very own specialist website UK Robot Shops !!!

UK Robot Shops has details on the history of robots, robots for sale and robots in development for a space age future. Everyone has seen the robots developed in Japan for making our lives easier in the future. Like something from a sci-fi film they will soon be cleaning, carrying, serving and generally replacing us! Kids of all ages love robots from young children to gadget freaks and techie types who love to build and tinker!

There are loads of details on the Transformers films and links to Transformers toys and novelties on UK Robot Shops, these were the original ‘robots in disguise’ who featured in the hit cartoon from the mid 80s and have now stormed the big screen with the second hit film.

Get Transformers stuff and details on very robot ever made at UK Robot Shops!