Why do we shop online?

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Hundreds of billions are spent online every year and the amount is rising every year, even your granny will have bought something online! OK, you may have bought it for her but the same thing applies. Why do we spend our money online? Are we just couch potatoes and cant be bothered?

Well, yes and no. While a day down the shops (especially department stores) has long been the dread of men across the country the reason is not quite so simple. Yes modern people hesitate at spending a whole day of their free time walking around a busy store, there have to be other reasons…

Cost. Yes things are cheaper online, by 20% to a third cheaper. There is no doubt that shopping online is better value than offline shopping even not taking into account petrol, trains and a pitstop for food and a drink!

Choice. I think we can agre that you find out about new ranges and products online and there are quite a few you wont ever find in regular stores.

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