Zopa: Miss out the middle man


Zopa is the answer to the credit crunch, its finance for the 21st century! ‘Peer to peer’ lending that misses out the middle men getting you the best deal. Whether you are wanting to borrow or lend you can get the best deal on terms that suit you not what suits the bank! Plus all terms are agreed in advance so no putting up rates or cutting your interest rate when it suits the bank!

Zopa lets you borrow £1,000 to £15,000 to other members or lend you money out at rates that suit you. All rates are far better than bank rates and you can even repay early at no extra cost! Zopa has been in all the papers and finance magazines and they have all raved about this free service!

Zopa is legal and flexible for your changing life and finances, plus you dont have to get approval from a stuffy bank manager-just join up for free and figure out what you want to do!

Check out this revolutionary service, Zopa!!