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Our dedicated team of staff at UK Strip Clubs have scoured the nation to put together the most comprehensive list of adult clubs available throughout the United Kingdom, with information, contact details and handy maps in order to for our readers to find just the right club for them. The excellent choice of UK strip clubs on our website feature as many details as possible, and when available we have added the clubs contact details so our readers can call or e-mail ahead with the size of their group. When doing this there is more of a chance you will be given priority entry, VIP seating and possibly a group discount on your cover charge or first drink.

What To Expect

Let's be realistic, strip clubs across Europe and the UK do not come cheap and many of their customers are in groups such as stag & hen parties or a group of 'lads on tour' so the last thing you want to do is pay a hefty group cover charge, only to find the club you've stumbled upon is not really what you were looking for. All too often visiting a strip club is an impulse decision, often made after one too many bevvies in the local pubs and the end results can be rather disappointing, if not down right disastrous and a total waste of money.

Planning Your Visit

By planning your visit with the help of UK Strip Clubs, you can select the ones within a suitable radius, get some information such as opening times, cover charge and what's on offer, and use the contact details to call ahead. By doing this you will often get to speak to the manager or owner of the club, allowing you to ask a few discrete questions regarding dress code, drink prices, any extra services available, what VIP services to expect, etc. It also never harms to ask if it would be possible to have a quick look inside before deciding to pay the cover charge, and remember, if the person you speak to on the phone seems cagey, the club may be too.

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